Escape Room: The Crypt

We pretty much finished all escape rooms from Escapeland. The only one left was The Crypt which we got to play recently.

We usually go in as a big group (7 players in total) but this time we were only three. It was most fitting to be honest since the room was less challenging the others.

The story goes that there’s a vampire hidden somewhere inside the crypt. Many adventurers before you has attempted to kill him but failed. One hour before sunset you find yourself locked inside the crypt yourself following a journal entry a person has left behind. You will need to follow the clues and find the vampire before he finds you.

The Crypt 1

There are about 3 rooms in total to unlock. I realized that almost all of the escape rooms in Avenues are much smaller than the Symphony mall branch. That didn’t compromise the nice decorations though. Almost all of their games are pretty well done.

The Crypt 2

The puzzles were straight forward and a lot easier than what we anticipated except for the last puzzle, which we had an issue with. There was nothing special about this particular room. We got accustomed to have that one fun twist each room presented, but not this one.

Frankly, I didn’t overly enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the other ones. In terms of how scary it was, atmospherically it gives you a spooky vibe but doesn’t include any jump scares, nor does it have any person inside to interact with you, which is perfectly fine with me. I usually avoid the ones with human actors. I find them seriously distracting.

I obviously couldn’t take pictures but I’m planning to find a way to see how I can review escape rooms better in the future as I’m a huge fan and would like to collect my memories of them in an archive.

The Crypt 4

All photos posted here are taken from the escape room supplier’s website. The items are an exact replica except for some minor changes in the way they’re laid out in the room.

My final score is 2/5 ★★

  • 3/5 for decorations
  • 3/5 for story/lore
  • 2/5 for puzzles & exploration
  • 2/5 for overall experience

Location: Escapeland (Avenues Mall)

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