Edgar Allen Poe’s The Bells

Another hidden object game in the same week (I don’t learn, do I?) Especially when I’ve said it a thousand times on here how I’m not a big fan of hidden object games but sometimes you’re just in the mood for an easy point and click game to pass time, you know?


Well anyway, I heard the Dark Tales series are popular so I gave this one a shot especially when it’s an Edgar Allen Poe game. I knew it wasn’t going to be The Dark Eye material in any way (THIS Dark Eye in case it skipped your radar; a fantastic classic Edgar Allen Poe game back in the 90s). I figured at least we might get a fun twist of Poe’s poem. I even read it before playing it to be prepared; it really made no difference.


Story wise, I suppose the plot is slightly more interesting-ISH than the average H.O. game. The plot has a couple of twists, though predictable. There were also a few hysterically funny moments like the punching scenes, although now that I think about it I’m pretty sure they weren’t meant to be funny.


The way you find and collect your items inventory also resembles a hidden object game in a way, which is a nice change. The mini puzzles; however, were laughably easy except for the final puzzle which I spent a really long time trying to solve. It wasn’t even that difficult but required a reset which didn’t occur to me. I guess in puzzle games the RESET button is the equivalent of kicking a vending machine when it swallows your coins and nothing comes out. I need to make a mental note of that.

Is it worth playing? Maybe. If you like hidden object games, then you might enjoy this one. The graphics are nice, there’s that. And while it’s considered a short game, they do give you extra content upon completion (which I’m afraid I didn’t bother to try). That says everything I guess.

My final score is 2/5 ★★

  • 2/5 for gameplay
  • 3/5 for design
  • 2/5 for Puzzles
  • 1/5 for plot
  • Game Platform (played on): Steam.
  • Game Link | Click Here


Poisonous Promises | Review

Poisonous Promises is part of the Family Mysteries series, developed by Brave Giant and published by Artifax Mundi. It’s a hidden objects game that centers on Emma– a detective who tries to unravel the mystery behind several incidents where survivors show up with traces of poison on them. And much like many of the Family Mysteries series, the incidents involve several people/suspects and their connections to each other.

Poisonous Promises 3

Steam did a fantastic job in writing up the game description. Sadly I didn’t really find enough “oozing coolness” to keep me entertained. It’s a straight forward hidden object game with a few mini games on the side. The graphics are nice. They also focused a lot on technology, which I suppose is a cool feature. You can use your mobile phone as a flash light (which never occurs to other games), collect data and inspect evidence.

Poisonous Promises

Poisonous Promises 2

The game is very short but once you’re done they give you a bonus chapter, which I thought was great– only it didn’t really add much to the original story.

Not worth the full price for a PC/Mac unless you’re getting it cheaper on the iOS.

My final score is 2/5 ★★

  • 2/5 for gameplay
  • 3/5 for design
  • 3/5 for Puzzles
  • 1/5 for plot
  • Game Platform (played on): Mac (Apple App Store).

Resident Evil 3 Remake

I have been meaning to upload this for a while now but didn’t have the time. Let’s hope I remember everything. Let’s start with a little bit about the game’s background.

After surviving the Spencer Mansion incident, S.T.A.R.S. team members were now targeted by Umbrella for knowing too much. As a result, a new intelligent bio weapon was created named Nemesis-T whose sole objective is to hunt down S.T.A.R.S. members.


Resident Evil 3 Remake’s main female character is Jill Valentine. The game kicks off with Valentine trying to escape Nemesis and stumbles on Umbrella’s UBCS member Carlos Oliveira. Much like many of Umbrella’s UBCS members, who are used by Umbrella to give the public a good image, are oblivious of the corporation’s bad workings and therefore helps Valentine escape. The two make their way through several chains of chaotic events to take out the enemy on their tail and uncover more of Umbrella’s hidden secrets.


The level of design and overall quality is not much different from Resident Evil 2 Remake, which is nice because it makes RE3 a good transition. What’s more is that while RE3 allows the navigation of new territories, some locations are revisited to give the gamer a different perspective of what took place (or more specifically what’s going to take place in RE2).

The timelines of Resident Evil games can be confusing. Not to mention the remakes have minor changes compared to the originals. After working on the primers, I feel I developed a better grasp of things but I still feel sometimes like I need to go back to put two and two together. But anyway, I thought using the two games to complement each other to explain events was a really nice technique; however, that kind of felt short for me at some point.


The suspense and thrill level was cranked up pretty high with this one, which is great. The battles sequences were fun but then the game almost fizzles out. The same technique used creatively to give you insight of RE2 become repetitive.

Having said that, I can never get enough of the game experience. I find it an absolute joy to navigate through the level designs and explore the lore and overall world. I just wish the game felt better tied up, especially when it ended on a slightly abrupt note. I wasn’t sure whether it was because I took a small break during playing the game to finish FF7, but I did feel the game was perhaps shorter than usual?


Another thing, at some point my collectibles became overkill. I had ended up having more rations, ammo (and even weapons) than I really need. For a survival game that just didn’t feel right. It made me feel the game wasn’t planned right. I’m usually a very good organizer when it comes to planning out how to use my inventory but I can’t possibly be THAT good. I ended the game with over a dozen different varieties of herbs and a bulk load of unused ammo. Some weapons like the magnum I haven’t even used in fear of saving it for the right moment, which I’m afraid just never came by.

Once purchased, you also unlock a second online multiplayer game- Resident Evil: Resistance. Unlike previous RE games, the online multiplayer game is not in-game but they decided to make a completely new game for it. It’s a good bargain I suppose but I care little about multiplayer games in general so I would have preferred a much fuller and longer experience of the remake and only a fraction of the latter. For new gaming generations; however, I see this selling better.

Overall I definitely had fun playing the game and at this point I’m not really sure what’s the new direction for RE remakes. I believe this could be the last strand, unless they decide to remake 4 and 5, which aren’t so bad as they stand. A better bargain would be to remake the spin-off games.

My final score is 4/5 ★★★

  • 4/5 for gameplay
  • 4/5 for design
  • 3/5 for battle system
  • 3/5 for plot
  • Game Platform (played on): PS4
  • Game trailer

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