E3 (Day 1) EA Wrap Up

A quick run down of what was announced in EA’s presentation today. Titles are listed in the order they were revealed.

  • Battlefield 5  (Release Date: October 2018) – E3 Trailer
  • Fifa 19 (Release Date: Sept 28) – E3 Trailer
  • Origin Access Premier: Cloud based gaming with subscription – E3 Trailer
  • Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (Release Date: Winter 2019) – E3 Reveal
  • Star Wars Battlefront II – E3 Reveal
  • Unravel II (Release Date: Out Now) – E3 Reveal & Trailer
  • Sea of Solitude (Release Date: Early 2019) – E3 Trailer
  • NBA Live 2019 (Release Date: September 2018) – E3 Trailer
  • Madden (NFL) 19  (Release Date: ? ) – E3 Trailer
  • Command & Conquer Rivals (Release Date: TBA ) – E3 Reveal & Trailer
  • Anthem (Release Date: February 22 2019) – E3 Trailer

E3 2018 Schedule

E3 2018.png

Planning to watch the presentations this week? Here are the links. Enjoy!

Saturday June 9th 

Sunday June 10th 

Monday June 11th

Tuesday June 12th

Review: The Eyes of Ara

I just finished playing The Eyes of Ara and I’m pretty excited to share my opinion about it. It’s not everyday that I get to find a game that I really really really like. I grew up playing Adventure Puzzle games like Zork and Myst. While many games have surfaced over the years inspired by these classics, very little of them delivered well in my opinion. Almost every game now is developed in an adaptive first-person perspective that moves in real-time. Thanks to touch screens, they are slowly returning. In The Eyes of Ara, aside from the real-time horizontal/vertical camera perspective, the actual navigation is true classic point-and-click.


You begin the game in a boat being lead down a river that takes you to an abandoned castle. You find a letter in the boat which states the reason why you’re there. Many people have been troubled by this abandoned castle due to hearing a weird signal. This signal remains unidentifiable because not many people are keen on investigating the source especially with a lot of rumors going around town about the sanity of the original owner in addition to other supernatural stories. You’ve been hired to investigate the place and put to rest these rumors once and for all. Upon arrival; however, things take an interesting turn.

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