Resident Evil Primer III

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Disclaimer: I take no credit for researching or creating the information written here. It was fully prepared by the YouTube channel: Gamer Thumb TV. I merely organized the information in written form to make it easy for myself to follow up on the events of the game before the remake of Resident Evil 2. 

Resides Evil Primer I covers the origin of the T-Virus, how the Umbrella corporation started, and includes a plot summary of the first two RE games: Resident Evil Zero, and Resident Evil 1.

Resident Evil Primer II covers what took place after the events of Resident Evil 1. It includes plot summaries of RE Outbreak and RE Outbreak File 2. It also covers the U.S.S. and U.B.C.S. missions.

Resident Evil Primer III deals with the plot summary of Resident Evil 2 and background information for RE Nemesis.

The Hunt | Awakening of Nemesis 

After the outbreak, Raccoon City is now out of control. Umbrella keeps close watch on police activity to ensure nothing goes out of its radar. Feeling under pressure and threatened to be exposed any minute, Umbrella ordered the Wolfpack team to take out power grids and generators that were said to be delivered by choppers on the roof of a hospital. This would ultimately cut off the power out of Raccoon City and along with the quarantine could seal it off safely from the rest of the world. Nicholai Ginovaef is busy carrying out his own objectives for Umbrella. He keeps taps on the Wolfpack team and upon hearing the news, brought down the chopper and blew up the hospital. Meanwhile the Wolfpack team tried to make it out of the hospital and eventually confronted Ginovaef and was attacked by him. They were successful; however, in destroying the generators causing Raccoon City a blackout that completely cut it off from the rest of the world as planned.

Umbrella’s next target is the S.T.A.R.S. team who survived the Spencer Mansion incident and were now scattered throughout Raccoon City. The institution is aware of their suspicions of Umbrella and decided they knew too much. Umbrella activated their most powerful bio weapon at the time- Nemesis! A programmed invincible creature tasked with hunting down S.T.A.R.S. team. However, Nemesis is unreliable and functions out of control and therefore Wolfpack was asked to bring it back under the restraint of Umbrella again. To do that they had to infiltrate a facility and extract a parasite charged with giving neurological signals used on tyrants to follow orders. In the facility, Wolfpack found a deactivated model T103 Tyrant, also known as Mr. X. Once the parasite was extracted from Mr. X, the model was activated and attacked Wolfpack.

Wolfpack escaped the facility and found Nemesis who was now attacking the military. Eventually it was brought down and injected with the parasite putting it under control of Umbrella again. The Nemesis was now was reset and programmed to hunt down and terminate S.T.A.R.S. team members.

The story about Nemesis’ hunt will continue in the game Resident Evil III and should be covered in the next primer sometime in the future. 

The Police Station 

At this time, Kevin Rayman and his survivor group have left the university and headed back to the safety of Raccoon City’s Police Station, which was in a state of mess. As stated previously, Chief Irons has lost his mind and was issuing conflicting and bizarre commands. Officer Marvin Branagh took command of the station seeing as how the former officer wasn’t capable anymore. The officers gathered and worked out an escape plan. Sadly, Marvin was bitten and heroically stayed behind to give cover for the others so they can escape.

Upon hearing the news about Chief Irons mental state, Umbrella decided he was becoming a liability and sent Wolfpack to retrieve any information he had and wipe out the remaining officers in the Police Station.

Looking for Chris | Resident Evil II

Reading “Primer II: After the Storm” before continuing with the events of Resident Evil II will shed light on key information. 

A young woman named Claire Redfield arrived at Raccoon City looking for her brother Chris Redfield who she lost contact with. She suspected something must have happened inside Raccoon and came to investigate. At the same time, a rookie officer named Leon Kennedy arrived at Raccoon City for his first shift unaware of what has happened. Leon and Claire meet in the city while trying to escape the infected and head to the Police Station. On the way they get into an accident and get separated. Wolfpack team were assigned to take out Kennedy as he was identified as an officer.

Some of the Wolfpack team were starting to suspect that Umbrella has no plans to extract them. Meanwhile Umbrella takes advantage of the chaos and tests out its bio weapons by dropping them in the city. These hunters were unleashed in Raccoon City attacking anything in their way, including Wolfpack teams.

Claire and Leon arrive at the Police Station at which point Umbrella also dropped their tyrant Mr. X. In the station, Claire finds Officer Marvin, who tells her Chris wasn’t there and gives her a master card key. On her way to some of the offices she has her first encounter with Umbrella’s Lickers.

After the encounter Claire met Sherry Birkin, Annette and William Birkin‘s daughter who was sent to the Police Station to stay safe (the first half of Sherry and her family’s story can be found in “Primer II: After the Storm”). Sherry ran away afraid and didn’t get the chance to speak to anyone. On the way Claire met Leon and they exchanged radios to stay in contact while heading their separate ways.

In the Police Station basement parking, Leon stumbles on Ada Wong, an Organization agent who was sent by Wesker to find G-Virus samples. She’s looking for a reporter named Ben Bertolucci who grew suspicious of Chief Irons and got locked up in one of the cells. Ada believes he has some leads to the G-Virus samples. She asked Leon to help her find him claiming he’s her lost boyfriend. Upon reaching the cell, however, her fake boyfriend refused to share information and instead wanted to stay inside the cell where he said it was safer.

Leon and Ada decided to go investigating in the sewers Ada met Sherry on the way who dropped her locket by mistake before running away. Ada picked up the locket, gave it to Leon and continued investigating.

Meanwhile Claire confronted Chief Irons in his office who was losing his wits. She then found Sherry nearby and William Birkin, who has mutated into a tyrant, injected Chief with a G-Larvae. Claire left Sherry in a safe room and went down a hidden passage to the sewers where she came face to face with the new and improved mutated Chief Irons. After defeating Chief Iron’s Larvae, Claire met up with Sherry again and promised to keep her safe.

At that same time, Leon was on the run from Mr. X. He ran back to Ben’s cell but found him injured from being attacked by William Birkin. Before passing, Ben gave Leon an envelope with evidence incriminating Umbrella’s involvement and asked him to make them pay. With the evidence in hand, Leon went back to look for Claire and Sherry so they can find a way out of the city. Instead, he found William Birkin and a battle ensued between the two. Leon temporarily defeated Birkin while Claire and Sherry got separated. Birkin was now looking for his daughter as he realized she was around. With a Tyrant embryo he would be able to turn her into a deadly monster just as he is.

While looking tirelessly for Sherry, Claire met up with Echo 6 (an elite squad in the Special Forces of the army), who were now also in the sewers. She informed them about Sherry and begged them to help find her, which they agreed to do.

While lying unconscious after falling in a part of the sewers, Sherry was injected with the G-Virus embryo but no one was aware of it at that point except for William Birkin. The latter attacked the group as they approached but was successfully pushed out of the way. Echo 6 covered up for Claire and Shelly so they can escape.

Eventually Echo 6 discovered the underground secret lab. Also lurking in the same area was HUNK, Alpha Team’s leader (Primer II: The U.S.S. & UBCS Missions). He had survived Birkin’s attack and has successfully secured samples of the G-Virus as appointed. Umbrella contacted HUNK and instructed him to go to the roof for extraction where a chopper was on its way to him.

Down in the sewers Annette Birkin found Leon and Ada and just when she was about to shoot, Leon took the bullet to cover for Ada. This eventually propelled Ada to assist Leon in his mission.

Meanwhile Sherry and Claire took a tram that lead to a platform believing it could be a way out; however, Sherry fell ill and Claire discovered there’s something wrong. Outside the tram, William Birkin was stalking them. After evading him, Claire took Sherry to the secret lab and went looking for a cure.

Ada and Leon also found the tram and took it to the platform only to be interrupted by raging William Birkin. Ada fell unconscious and stayed behind in the tram while Leon hurried ahead to the platform looking for Claire and Sherry. On the way Leon met Annette again who refused to cooperate with him claiming she would never share her husband’s legacy with him or give him the sample. She then revealed to Leon the truth about Ada’s mission and that she’s a spy from the Organization. This completely took Leon by surprise. Annette takes the chance and runs away only to meet up with William Birkin around the corner. The latter doesn’t seem to recognize his wife anymore and just as he was about to attack her, Annette pulls the trigger.

In Raccoon City, Wolfpack was getting restless waiting for Umbrella to extract them. The company laid out a condition that they’ll only help them out if they succeed in their mission. Reluctantly the group heads back to the secret lab and follows orders. The lab at this point is in utter chaos. Several groups are against each other, including Echo 6.

Ada returns the favor and saves Leon, who’s now cornered by Mr. X, at the expense of losing her own life. At the same time the self-destruct sequence was set off by Echo 6 that now Wolfpack was ordered to shut down. The lab is one of Umbrella’s most valuable assets and the company wasn’t willing to lose it.

Leon had no choice but to leave Ada behind and met up with Claire to look for Sherry’s cure. Upon hearing about her daughter, Annette decides to tell Claire and Leon where to find the cure and begs them to hurry and save her daughter.

Wolfpack team realizes the self-destruct sequence cannot be stopped at this point and chooses to escape instead. They were ordered by Umbrella; however, to track down Leon Kennedy no matter what it takes as he’s their main target now and knows too much.

Mr X turned out to be still alive and has fused with the tyrants in the lab making it more powerful than ever. Leon and Claire defeat Mr. X and activate the tram. They found the cure Annette told them to get and saved Sherry.

In the tram, while escaping, Claire and Leon had one last encounter with William Birkin before finally cutting him loose and reaching safe land. Leon breaks the news to Sherry about her parents but reassures her that the vaccine was from her mother and that she loved her very much.

Wolfpack team and Echo 6 were now at two opposite ends of the spectrum. Wolfpack were ordered to take down Leon and his group; whereas Echo 6 were told to extract them as soon as possible because the information they hold is vital to put an end to Umbrella. It was a war between the U.S.S. and military.

In the end Wolfpack found Leon and Claire but were now furious Umbrella compromised them and treated them as expendables and therefore decided to turn against the Umbrella promising to take them from the inside. They allowed Echo 6 to extract Leon and his group. Both Leon and Claire are not done yet. Leon is determined to make Umbrella pay for what they’ve done while Sherry asks is resolved to continue looking for her missing brother.


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