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The following is a thorough, detailed timeline of what took place in the game Resident Evil 7. The post includes detailed background and lore information about the E-Type Bioweapon Series, the Winters & Bakers families, Blue Umbrella, the Connections and Chris Redfield’s involvement. The primer also covers the DLCs pertaining to the main content; however, does not cover the DLCs “Banned Footage, Vol 1 & 2”, which focuse on the Sewer Gator tv crew. A separate post will be published at a later point to cover those.

Disclaimer: I take no credit for researching the information written here. It was fully prepared by the YouTube channel: SuperHorrorBro. My contribution lies in organizing the content in a written form to make it easy for myself and others to follow up on the events of the game. 

The following is a list of my other prepared primers. The pages cover Resident Evil games 1-3 and deal with the early game events, particularly how the virus was crafted and spread, in addition to how Umbrella Pharmaceuticals came to being.

Note on Text

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Umbrella Corporation has worked on a new bio-weapon technology and named it E-001 EVELINE.
The project began when the company created some kind of “fungus” (also known as Mold) in collaboration with Special Operation Unit, HCF. The latter is a rival company to Umbrella, which was initiated and lead by Wesker.

This mold creates a 3-stage infection in its host

  • First stage, the infection ingests nutrients from the host to propagate and takes over the host and giving them a regenerative abilities, such as regrowing limbs.
  • In second stage, once the infection reaches the brain, the host becomes in complete control of the E-Series assets and the host begins acting irrationally.
  • Third stage is complete mutation and the host loses their human form and falls subject to the E-Series, which in this case is EVELINE. The latter takes control over them.

The ultimate objective of this mold then is for hosts to be controlled by a bio-weapon.

These bio-weapons all take the form of 10-year old girls, out of which EVELINE is the 5th generation.

Their outer young demeanor ensures blending well in urban population without raising suspicions.

EVELINE was designed to control enemies & prisoners without the use of weaponry or cells.

Once a colony is infected by the mold, it takes only a few days for them to be wiped out from the inside.


Blue Umbrella is a research company that was created from the mother corporation Umbrella targeting bioterrorism. However, very little is known at this point in the game (up to Resident Evil 8) who created or is currently leading the firm. In addition, some events indicated that despite the exterior objective of Blue Umbrella, there could be ulterior motives that we still don’t know what. In any case, Blue Umbrella realized how deadly the EVELINE bioweapon is and seeks to remove it.

As a result, EVELINE was put into the care of two Blue Umbrella agents— Alan Droney and Mia Winters. The agents posed as EVELINE’s parents while she was transported aboard the Annabelle from North to Central America, during which the ship was hit by a storm and EVELINE deviated from her control agents and began losing control. She developed and exhibited signs of wanting to belong or join a family setting similar to how children usually behave. She later infected Alan by a mold to get away him and then proceeded to take over the ship’s crew, turning them into mold infected.

At the same time, EVELINE developed strong attachments to Mia, and began calling her MOTHER. She later infected Mia with the mold to keep her close and under her control. Mia, fearing for her husband Ethan, attempted to send him a recorded message to warn him not to look for her and stay out of harm’s way (which wasn’t sent at the time).

The hurricane sent both Mia and EVELINE to the shores of Louisiana. EVELINE’s healing abilities kept them alive. In Louisiana, they were rescued by the Baker’s family.


Ethan Winters is Mia’s husband and main protagonist in Resident Evil 7 and 8. In the beginning Ethan had no knowledge of Mia being a secret agent of Umbrella. He was told she worked in the trading industry, which justified her continuous traveling.

In 2014, Ethan believed his wife disappeared, and considered dead, aboard the Annabelle ship. But in 2017, EVELINE sent Ethan a message disguised by Mia to lure him into the Baker’s residence. Much like Mia feared, EVELINE wanted Ethan to find them in order to fulfill the role of her father figure and complete her delusional family unit. Obviously shocked and pleased at the same time, Ethan stormed to Louisiana to find his long missing wife.


Upon arrival at the Baker’s residence, where Mia’s disguised message guided him, he found the place in decay. Eventually he stumbled on various means of information indicating to him that many people before him were tortured by the Bakers. These people were lured by EVELINE to become part of the family, and as soon as they failed the induction were disposed of by the Bakers, who were controlled by EVELINE, and became mold infected. This explains why the house is filled with molded monsters roaming the floors and grounds.

One group, in particular, was known as the missing “Sewer Gators” tv crewPeter Walken, Andre Stickland, and Clancy Jarvis. They’re the characters we meet at the very beginning of the Resident Evil 7 game, who traveled around the country to document paranormal locations and activities. Resident Evil 7’s DLC “Banned Footage” Vol. 1 & 2 showcases in-depth the story of the Sewer Gators tv crew and the Baker’s family.

Ethan finally finds Mia in the Baker’s residence, but she appears to be both distressed and controlled by EVELINE. She attempts to kill her husband many times, which leaves Ethan with no choice but to kill her himself. This, of course is futile, because Mia regenerates due to her mold infection.

The E-Necrotoxin Serum

Next, Ethan find out that there’s an emergency serum to counter the E-series mind control, known as the E-Necrotoxin Serum. It also allows the host to completely heal from mold infection.

E-Necrotoxin destroys the cells based on E-series bioweapon. And it’s instructed to only be used to dispose of the E-series asset. A sample of an E-series cells must be placed into the neurotoxin container first in order to be stimulated and take effect.

This vaccine was created by mixing specimens from the D-type series. The latter are a generation that preceded the EVELINE series, and were made up of 9 newborn children (sick I know).

Two of these D-series bioweapons known as Dolores and Dahlia were transported by Alan and Mia in addition to Eveline during their trip to South America. But after the wreckage, these specimens were discovered by the Baker’s family along the shores.

Ethan finds these specimens inside the Baker’s residence and uses them to make the E-Necrotoxin serum.


Soon after discovering EVELINE and Mia, the Baker’s family become super protective of EVELINE. The members also begin to develop superpowers, which as narrated previously, indicate they’re under the E-Series mind control and mold infection. They consider their abilities as a “gift” from EVELINE.


Jack Baker, is the head of the family—husband to Marguerite and father to two children, Lucas and Zoey.

Jack also has an older brother named Joe Baker, who we learn more about in the DLC “The End of Zoe”

Ethan is tracked down and attacked by Jack several times in the game, in which they duel. Jack is seen to be taken a lot of damage and each time, his body regenerates and mutates. In order to finally defeats him, Ethan injects Jack with the E-Necrotoxin serum, which kills the mold and calcifies him. After his defeat, Jack appears to Ethan in a vision and expresses remorse. He also pleads for his family’s salvation, asking Ethan to forgive them for that which they had no hand in controlling. He hopes Ethan could help and release them from their suffering.


Marguerite seems to be heavily infected by the mold, and at some point sought help from a doctor, but soon stopped pursuing medical assistance due to EVELINE’s control.

She also seems to be deeply connected to the insects around the Baker’s residence. She developed an ability to control them and use them to attack others whenever she felt threatened. She eventually mutates into a spider form and just like her husband calcifies upon defeat.


Has a troubled past with the law enforcement. His pre-existing rebellious and violent nature intensified after his E-series infection. His ability was to play sadistic mind games with his subjects through the form of bizarre mazes and trickery. In the end, Lucas flees from Ethan and disappears when Ethan tried to track him down and defeat him.


Similar to her other family members, Zoe was infected by EVELINE; however, managed to somehow resist the mold infection. She later isolated herself from the family and dissociated herself from what their doing. Despite that; however, she was still held hostage in the Baker’s vicinity, living in a trailer outside the residence.

The reason Zoe successfully evaded EVELINE’s mind control was through her tricking EVELINE into thinking she was already under her control. Meanwhile, Zoe was plotting her escape and making the serum. Zoe appears to know more about the workings of EVELINE, because she stumbled on information written by Mia. When Ethan arrives at the residence, Zoe reaches out to him in order to help him find the serum and proceed with her own plans.

However, because Ethan used one of the two E-Necrotoxin serums on Jack, he was left with only one serum, to which he had to decide who to give.

In the canonical ending, Ethan chooses to save his wife promising to send help for Zoe. The latter was naturally left bitter and sad.


Ethan and Mia try to escape. EVELINE catches up to their boat and a giant mold sends them crashing into the river next to the Annabelle’s ruins. EVELINE captures Ethan, insisting on making him her father. Mia finds herself aboard the Annabelle ship reliving her past and recounting the events that took place before the wreckage. She successfully finds her husband but becomes completely consumed by EVELINE. Before surrendering herself, she gives Ethan a vial of E-Necrotoxin designed to eradicate the E-series bioweapon. Ethan makes his way to the Connections lab the Salt Mines to craft the toxin, which he plans to inject into EVELINE to destroy her.

Upon arriving at the Baker’s residence to face EVELINE, Ethan finds out that the shape and form EVELINE has taken from the onset were all hallucinations. EVELINE’s true form is the old grandmother, that the player will most likely mistake as a member of the Baker’s family. This aging is a birthing side effect of the E-series. The E-series age 25 times that of normal human beings. As a result, EVELINE has aged drastically over the course of three years at the Baker’s residence. Ethan finally injects EVELINE with the serum, but she transforms into a massive molding creature.

While Ethan tries to defeat the monster, a rescue team arrives. A mysterious person drops a special gun charged with Rapid Acting Mycetotoxic Rounds (R.A.M.R.O.D’s). These rounds were manufactured to prevent bioweapon regeneration. And with the weapon, Ethan finally manages to take down EVELINE.

The mystery rescue team turns out to be Blue Umbrella, headed by the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A), which is lead by Chris Redfield, who personally finds and rescues Ethan. Chris is helping the pharmaceutical Blue Umbrella to apprehend the bioweapon E-series. The team tracked down EVELINE’s whereabouts to the Baker’s vicinity, where Chris tries to clear any loose ends. He also puts both Ethan and Mia, who survived her encounter with EVELINE into a chopper and sends them away into safety.


Both Zoe and Lucas receive their own DLCs—”Not a Hero” and “End of Zoe”.


In Not a Hero, Chris Redfield continues his investigation into the connections and finds the laboratory in Salt Mines, beneath the Baker’s ranch. He leads a team provided by Blue Umbrella (although it seems Chris doesn’t completely trust Blue Umbrella). He finds out that much like Zoe, Lucas managed to break free from EVELINE’s control. Lucas was also approached by agents sent by the Connections.

At this point it might be necessary to also explain who the Connections really are, since they’re related to both RE 7 and 8.


The Connections is a crime company founded by Brandon Bailey (one of the founders of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals). The syndicate took part in biochemical research, money laundering, murdering and trafficking of weapons and drugs. The Connections also worked in collaboration with Operation Unit HCF in creating the mold/fungus of E-type series. They’re very much involved in creating the new bioweapon and Necrotoxin serum to destroy it. As mentioned earlier in this primer, the serum was made using D-Types to give immunization to the E-type’s mental control and stabilizes EVELINE’s sanity and youth.

Lucas was approached by agents sent by the Connections to make a deal with him. In exchange for his spying on the Baker’s family, he’ll get a serum. The information he provides will be used as research data. However, Lucas betrays the Connections and kills the scientists offered to him in the research lab turning molds against them and then stage the incident as an accident. His plan was to craft the serum for himself and then sell it on the black market. Chris finds Lucas, who at this point turned into a mold himself, and kills him. Chris also finds out that Lucas sent all E-data to a mysterious client. It is unknown who this mysterious client is, but most probably will be known in the upcoming games.


EVELINE punishes Zoe for helping Ethan and Mia by calcifying her but was kept alive in a cocoon. Zoe was found by Umbrella soldiers after Ethan promised to send help; however, Zoe’s uncle, Joe Baker, shows up and is the one to save her. Jack Baker somehow shows up in a form of mold and the two brothers duel. Joe finally takes down Jack and uses a serum to cure Zoe. Chris at this point arrives and takes them both away to safety.

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