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The following is a thorough, detailed timeline of what took place in the game Resident Evil 8. The post includes detailed background and lore information about the post-resident evil 7 events, Chris Redfield’s involvements with the Winters’ case, the importance of the “Village”, and most importantly the shocking revelations we discover in the laboratory at the end of the game.

Disclaimer: I take no credit for researching the information written here. It was fully prepared by the YouTube channel: SuperHorrorBro. My contribution lies in organizing the content in a written form to make it easy for myself and others to follow up on the events of the game. 

The following is a list of my other prepared primers. The pages cover Resident Evil games 1-3 and deal with the early game events, particularly how the virus was crafted and spread, in addition to how Umbrella Pharmaceuticals came to being. Another primer is dedicated to Resident Evil 7’s timeline and events.

Note on Text 

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The game begins with a fairytale book narrating the story of a little girl that ventures far from her mother looking for berries, upon which she stumbles on four creatures in the forest. These four creatures represent the four lords we encounter during the game. The creatures are a blood thirsty bat, a dark weaver, a monstrous fish, and a mechanical horse. Each one gives the child a gift. A witch appears and kidnaps the girl and entraps her into an enchanted forest.

The Calm After & Before the Storm

The book is a local fairytale that Mia Winters read to her daughter Rose, despite Ethan’s disapproval—calling the book too creepy. Three years have passed since the events of Resident Evil 7, and the Winters couple appear to be living a quiet life in Eastern Europe. Prior to that, both Ethan and Mia were infected by the mold. Ethan used a crafted serum to heal Mia, as for himself, he appears to have healed on his own.

Chris Redfield requested they remain low to avoid the syndicate Connections, which Mia used to work for as an undercover agent. Due to Ethan’s worry that his daughter Rosemary might be carrying the fungal pathogen infection, Chris’ former organization—the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A.) ran tests on the child to confirm that she was infection free.

During their quiet dinner meal, Chris infiltrates their home, kills Mia, and kidnaps Rosemary. Ethan, shocked and confused, was carried blindfolded and lugged into a truck. The vehicle crashes soon after, and Ethan finds himself in the middle of the night stranded in a woodland. Neither Chris nor his daughter could be found.

The Village

While navigating the woodlands, Ethan ends up in a snowy deserted-looking village, with a castle looming on top of it. His impulse tells him that his daughter could be somewhere there. The village looks strange; the houses appear to be recently abandoned, livestock is slain on the streets, and many weird ritual symbols are scattered everywhere. Several shrines are set up commemorating a female figure known as Mother Miranda. In a nearby church, Mother Miranda’s portrait sits nearby 4 other portraits of seemingly notable figures in the village.

Ethan soon gets attacked by monsters known as Lycans, in addition to their leader Urias. During one of their battles, Ethan loses half his hand. Among others that Ethan meets on the onset of RE Village is an old woman holding a long staff, who speaks to Ethan about a child that Mother Miranda has brought into the village. Ethan realizes that the child is his own daughter Rosemary. The old lady speaks of some kind of dark calamity falling upon the village and that Rose is to be their savior. She warns Ethan that the child is in danger and tells him to follow the sound of ringing bells in the nearby castle.

On his way to the castle Ethan stumbles on a group of people living in one of the houses, who pray to Mother Miranda and consider her the protector of their village. One of the people in the group turns into a lycan and wipes out the entire house. This prompted Ethan that the lycans were once townsfolk before transforming.

Ethan escapes the group and makes his way to the castle. There he gets captured and dragged to the caves beneath the village to meet the four twisted lords of this land and their grand priestess—Mother Miranda. The four lords are Karl Heisenberg, Alcina Dimitrescu, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau,. It also appears to be that there’s rivalry between the lords, particularly between Lady Dimitrescu and Heisenberg. Ethan is decided to be put int he hands of Heisenberg, who instills traps to taunt Ethan. The latter; however, manages to escape his grasps and finds his way back into the castle. On the way he meets a unique character known as The Duke.

Although not much is really known about Duke, sources say he has some connections with other merchants players encounter in Resident Evil 4.


The castle is home to Alcina Dimitrescu and her three daughters—Bella, Cassandra, and Daniela, who pursue and harvest human blood and turn it into special wine. Maidens, in particular, are taken into the castle dungeon, where they’re experimented on as research data for Mother Miranda. These unfortunate women, who died during blood-draining procedures, are then transformed into two types of in-game enemies—the hooded zombies known as Moroaica and demons named Samca.

Game lore state that Alcina Dimitriscu’s daughters are not really her biological offsprings. They were a result of her experiments. At one time they used to be maidens, who were then injected with the parasite Cadou. The parasite takes the form of blow flies that lay eggs in its host, which later have the ability to mimic the human shape. Dimitriscu grew very affectionate towards her experiments and treated them as her own daughters. Ethan eventually hunts down Dimitriscu’s daughters and defeats them one after the other.

In the castle’s cathedral, Ethan obtains a special dagger that he uses to unleash Lady Dimistriscu’s true nature and then defeats her. After the defeat, Ethan encounters the old lady with the staff again, who informs him that in order to find Rosemary, he needs to use the crest of four bloodlines. These bloodlines refer to the four lords.

Ethan catches up with Duke after he leaves the castle and he’s given a flask containing a part of Rose’s body. Mother Miranda has crystalized Rosemary’s body parts, where each one is put in a flask and given to one of the lords (very sick). Each flask must be obtained and then placed inside a Giant Chalice. This will reassemble Rose and return her back to her normal form.


Donna Beneviento is the last remaining member of the Beneviento family and lives in house Beneviento. She was adopted by Mother Miranda and has a unique power to secrete a pheromone, which grants her the ability to control the local plants infected with the Cadou parasite. The spores from these plants cause hallucinations, which Ethan experiences as he ventures into the Beneviento house. These hallucinations causes him to see Mia, monster dolls, and a giant illusionary baby. Donna Beneviento implants her Angie dolls with the Cadou parasite, which she also uses to taunt and attack Ethan. Eventually Ethan kills the doll maker disguised as her doll, Angie.


Ethan continues to collect his daughter’s flasks and next on the list is Salvatore Moreau—a fish-like creature that inhabits the swamp reservoirs and mines. Similar to the other lords, Moreau also experimented on villagers under the request of Mother Miranda. He used wolf specimens in his experiments, which in particular resulted in the creation of Lycan Hordes. Ethan defeats Moreau, who turns himself into a horrible giant fish, and upon leaving the swamps, Ethan receives an invitation from Heisenberg—the last standing lord—to meet him at his factory and attain the last flask of Rose if he can.


On the way to meet Heisenberg, Ethan gets attacked by multiple hordes followed by Lycan Urias. After defeating them, Ethan collects the last flask and installs it into the Giant Chalice. This opens the gate to Heisenberg’s factory and Ethan makes his way.

The factory segment pieces everything together in the game and brings light to what has been going on in the Village. Heisenberg tells Ethan that he and the other lords are Mother Miranda’s experiments, whom she regards as her children. Unlike the other lords; however, Heisenberg carries a lot of resentments towards this arrangement, because he misses his humanity and wants to retrieve it. In fact, he wants to pursue revenge because of what Mother Miranda has done to him. He invites Ethan to join his cause, and together they can harness Rose’s powers against Mother Miranda, to which Ethan refuses. He tells Heisenberg he is not willing to use his daughter neither as a biological weapon, nor as a revenge tool.

The truth is finally revealed when Heisenberg clarifies to Ethan that Rose is no ordinary child and that Mother Miranda wants to use her powers. This means that Rosemary was, in fact, infected with the parasite strain known as the Mold, which was genetically passed on to her.

Upon Ethan’s refusal, Heisenberg pushes him into a trap room to face some of his deadliest experiments. Unlike the other lords, Heisenberg’s experiments were not conducted to please Mother Miranda. Instead, he conducting them for his own gains. He manufactured an army of cybernetic enhanced humans that he planned to use against Mother Miranda when the time comes.

Ethan finally meets up with Heisenberg, but this time he’s in his true mechanical form. When Heisenberg pushes Ethan to the bottom of the factory, Chris shows up furious that Ethan has not listened to him by keeping away. After pressing him for answers, Chris reveals that the woman he killed at the Winter’s home was not his wife Mia; it was Mother Miranda disguised as Mia with the intention of kidnapping Rose. Disguising herself as Rosemary’s mother might have made it easier to control the bioweapon. During that night, Miranda killed everyone on board the truck and took off with Rose. Chris was in fact trying to help Ethan by keeping the mission secret and by keeping him away. Ethan and Chris work together to finally defeat Heisenberg.

Miranda makes an appearance and confirms to Ethan that she took the form of both Mia and the old lady at the village. It is also revealed that Rosemary is to become EVELINE‘s successor in the new bioweapon series. She rips Ethan apart and he succumbs to the floor unconscious.


In the last segments of the game, the player takes control of Chris Redfield as he continues his investigation into the village. Chris traces the origin of the mold to a location beneath the village, where an ancient fungal is found, known as The Megamycyte, which is a form of molded roots. The molded roots have now awakened due to Mother Miranda’s rituals and Rose’s presence and began consuming the entire town. The B.S.A.A, at this point, sent troops to try and contain the situation while they still can. However, Chris no longer associates himself with them and is now acting on his own.

Chris finds the ancient Megamycyte and secures explosives on it. He then ventures into Mother Miranda’s Laboratory. Miranda’s lab records reveal shocking revelations.

The first disclosure refers to the Megamycyte organism, which are living roots. They’re used by the Connections to craft their molded specimens. This also indicates that the origin of the mold began in this very village and was born from the Megamycyte.

The second revelation is that Miranda has been alive for a century. She was the one who discovered the Megamycyte in the caves of this town. After losing her daughter Eva to the Spanish flu, she began conducting experiments using the Megamycyte on herself and the villagers, who in turn trusted Miranda and considered her the town’s priestess. Her experiments granted her eternal life and other abilities, such as shape shifting.

Miranda’s ultimate plan was to use Rose as a vessel to resurrect her daughter Eva, whose DNA has been already catalogued by the Megamycyte.


Perhaps the one of the biggest revelation Chris finds in the laboratory is Miranda’s connection to Oswell Spencer, the founder of the Umbrella Corporation.

In the 1950s, Spencer was almost killed in a hiking expedition near the village, but was rescued by Mother Miranda. Spencer became Mother Miranda’s apprentice and was trained in the village. Miranda taught Spencer using the parasite Cadou, and after assisting her for many years, Spencer left to Africa with the intention of progressing Mother Miranda’s research and establishing his own corporation, which he named Umbrella. The company’s logo is based on ruins from the village. Every Resident Evil game has its own ties to this village based on Spencer’s relationship with Miranda.

Each one of the four lords is a test specimen of Mother Miranda, who was injected with the Cadou parasite. Each lord developed their own unique abilities, and even though they could not prove themselves to be appropriate vessels for Miranda to resurrect Eva, they became useful guardians of the village and tests for Ethan to face on his journey. By defeating them, Ethan proves his worth to Miranda and Rose being a fit vessel for Eva.


Another pivotal revelation Chris uncovers is that the Connections approached Mother Miranda to help her with her research, to which she accepted to speed up her experiments and resurrect Eva. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the E-Series (EVELINE).

Miranda worked at the Connections as a scientist, where she planned to use her village’s mold and splice it with EVELINE’s DNA to resurrect her daughter Eva. EVELINE proved unfit to Miranda, though, which prompted her to refocus her attention on Rosemary.

Chris finds Mia Winters locked inside the laboratory, where she has been undergoing experiments by Miranda to test Rose’s suitability as a fit vessel.


When Chris shared with Mia the sad news that Ethan died, she seemed unaffected at this point. This is because Ethan is in fact a sentient form of mold. Mia reveals that Ethan never survived the events of Resident Evil 7, in Dulvey Louisiana. He died at the Baker’s house but was later reborn as a form of mold. This explains why Ethan exhibited many signs of regenerating and healing himself upon getting hit or cut.

Unlike other specimens infected with the mold, Ethan did not deteriorate or react negatively to the infection. Instead, he developed his own special abilities, similar to the village’s four lords, which also means that Ethan was still alive. However, at this point, the infection reached its third stage and progressed into complete mutation. Before succumbing to the mutation, Ethan vows to save his daughter, and with the help of Duke, makes his way to the ceremony site.

Miranda has already began the ceremony to resurrect Eva, but to everyone’s surprise, Rosemary does not resurrect as Eva, but instead into her own true form. Rose’s rebirth has now granted her a strong connection to the Megamycyte, which also allows her to drain Miranda’s power. Ethan takes advantage of her weakened form and the two face each other in a final battle.

Once Mother Miranda falls, Ethan entrusts Chris with Rose. He takes the bomb detonator of the explosives Chris implanted in the Megamycyte earlier and sacrifices himself before his mutation takes over. Chris is left with no choice but to return Rose to a rescue chopper near by where Mia waits. They take off watching the explosives go off and any last remnant of the original parasite source (or at least we hope!). In addition, the explosion has now ended the connection between Rose and the Megamycyte.

Mia is distressed to learn of what has happened to Ethan. On board the chopper, one of B.S.A.A’s soldiers was examined by Chris and his team. The soldier did not look ordinary; it was a bioweapon.


Many questions are left unanswered that will most likely be addressed in the last installment of the trilogy—Resident Evil 9. After the credit roll, players take a glimpse of Rose years later as a teenager. Rose is seen wearing Ethan’s jacket and visiting his grave. Chris has kept Ethan’s promise to look after Rosemary and raise her up in a military environment to become strong. Rose’s powers remain dormant and seem to be affected when she’s agitated. Despite that, her powers do not seem to have affected her healthy demeanor like other E-series. Not much is related more than that, but it is speculated that Rosemary will play an important role in the upcoming Resident Evil series.

A lot of speculations have also been thrown out over who the figure is that is seen approaching the car Rose’s in. Whether it is Ethan is plausible; however, only time will tell.

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