Nioh 2: Yatsu no Kami Battle

I didn’t enjoy Nioh 1 and had no plans to play its sequel but being stranded at the beach house away from city microbes I decided to give it a go. Surprisingly it isn’t so bad. Its strongest asset is the battle system. Not a fan of the story. At this point I’m not really sure if I’m going to finish the game. I would like to think so, but souls-like games usually take me a while to finish considering how much work, patience and perseverance are required to keep going.

I hit a road bump a couple of days ago with Yatsu no Kami- one of Nioh 2’s horrendous bosses. Not a fan of the way he moves AT ALL! I mean I wasn’t a fan of Sekiro’s Genichiro either but I enjoyed the combat at least. Taking a break from Nioh 2 for a while.

Here’s the full battle. Giving myself a pat on the back.